2020 Euroasia Strings Competitional Grand Finals

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Age 7 and Below Division

First Prize: Lam Tim (Selangor)
Second Prize: Yong Rae En, Chovanne (Selangor)
Third Prize: Chou Ko Chen, Avery (Taiwan)
Honourable Mention: Chew Shi-En, Grace (Singapore)

Age 9 – 10 Division

First Prize: Loong J-Xuan (Selangor)
Second Prize: Jasher Ng Jie Tong (Kuala Lumpur)
Third Prize: Violet Benling Heng Rui (Sarawak)
Honourable Mention: Yuna Miura (Kuala Lumpur)

Age 11 – 12 Division

First Prize: Khoo Xian Wen (Negeri Sembilan)
Second Prize: Chong Jun Haw ( Johor Bahru)
Third Prize: Lee Zhen Xi (Johor Bahru)

Age 13 – 14 Division

First Prize: Tan Sher Yen (Negeri Sembilan)
Second Prize: Yam Leanne (Negeri Sembilan)
Third Prize: Maira Aleesa Mohd Shahazwan (Selangor)
Honourable Mentions: Melany Yoon Ying Hui (Selangor), Khoo Xian Yan (Negeri Sembilan)

Age 15 – 17 Division

Joint First Prize: Tan Zhi Qi (Perak), Yang LangJian (Kuala Lumpur)
Second Prize: Cao ZeYu (Penang)
Third Prize: Withheld
Honourable Mention: Goik Zerlynde (Kuala Lumpur)

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