Assessment Criteria

The Jury Panel evaluates the performance using the following criteria.

Technique (40%)
Technique covers the accuracy of a performance, encompassing note accuracy, intonation, attention to dynamics, articulation, tempo and expressive markings. Generally this means that the fidelity to the score and command of the instrument will be assessed, along with projection.
Musicianship (40%)
Musicianship is the channel through which one’s expressive and interpretative skills are displayed, producing a meaningful connection to a composer’s ideas, rather than simply a technically accurate execution of notes on a page. Under this banner, we have the expressive clarity of an interpretation, the range or palette of timbre, and an understanding of a composer and a wider idea of style and genre. Under this category, a candidate will also be assessed as to how well one works with an accompanist.
Stage Presence/Communication (20%)
With this final component, we deal with the ideas of artistry, stage presence, and flair. A candidate is assessed to the skills of a performer rather than just that of an instrumentalist , including but not limited to a certain engagement with the audience, appropriate attire, and adjusting to acoustics of a performance space.
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