Mei-Huei Shih

Mei Huei Shih, a native of Taiwan, Graduated from HwaKang Art School in Taipei, further her study in harp Performance in US, earned a MA Degree from Texas Christian University under an orchestra scholarship. In 1989, Ms Shih advanced her harp study in Boston Conservatory with Boston Ballet Orchestra harpist Cynthia-Price Glen. During her study in Boston where Shih not only performed regularly with conservatory’s orchestra, but also play with Theater department.

In addition to the performance with Boston conservatory, Ms Shih has also collaborated with local New England area symphonies as well as chamber music group.

After coming back hometown Taipei, Shih has devoted herself in teaching island wide and performed with Taiwan’s renown symphonies such as Taipei Philharmonic symphony, Taipei Symphony Orchestra, Evergreen symphony orchestra, especially with Taipei Chinese Orchestra for over ten years. In 2000, Shih debut the first Harp duet CD in Taiwan, which was well received.

Ms Shih was in the competition committee held by the Taipei Harpist Association, in 2005, 2007 and 2009 respectively.

In 2005, Ms Shih established Reach Harps Studio in addition to her music career, in which a series of diversify harp activities such as harp regulation/maintenance, seminars, and concert lectures has been organized.

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