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Q: When is the registration deadline?
A: Six weeks before the date of the chosen regional round.

Q: Can I join more than once in the same age group?
A: Yes you can, but you are not allowed to play the same piece.

Q: Can I apply for multiple categories, e.g. Young Artiste & Open Category?
A: You can apply for as many categories/age groups as you like, but you are required to perform a different piece for each entry. 

Q: Can I take part in more than one ensemble?
A: An ensemble member may enter in more than one ensemble.

Q: Does the application fee include any refreshments/lunch/dinner?
A: No. 

Q: If I cannot take part in the competition after I have submitted my application, is the enrolment fee refundable?
A: There will be no refunds for withdrawals or after online application has been submitted.

Q: I have applied for an incorrect age group, what should I do?   A: Email us as soon as possible, and we will guide you through the process.

Q: If my ensemble member is a mixture of different ages, which category they can take part in?
A: The age of the oldest participant determines the age group of the ensemble. E.g. In an ensemble comprising of members age 9 – 12, the ensemble must enter for the Age 12 and Below division. 

Q: I’ve made a spelling error on the participants name (or repertoire), can I change it?
A: Yes, but will incur an administrative fee. 

Q: I submitted a wrong piece for the competition, can I change it?           
A: Yes, but will incur a repertoire change fee of RM50 after submission is made. Repertoire changes are not allowed when entries close to the chosen region.

Q: Do we get reimbursements of any kind, e.g. transport? Is accommodation provided for outstation participants?
A: All participants are responsible for their own expenses (travel, housing accommodations, etc.)

Q: I encountered a problem during the transaction.
A: Contact our competition admin, and we will guide you with bank in process and how to use a coupon.

Q:What are the rules for the competition?                                  
A: You will find the complete and detailed list of rules and regulations under the “Regulations” tab on the website.

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