Videos should be recorded in the spirit of a live audition or recital performance. You may record in any venue suited to you, with natural acoustics, with or without an audience. Dress professionally, as you would for a live performance

Recording Instructions

• The entire performance must be taken in one take, without any sound or video editing.
• Recordings must be made no earlier than three months prior to the application deadline, and must be in accordance with the repertoire guidelines.
• Performances are to be within the time limits to be considered as eligible for the competition.
• It is recommended that videos recording should be made in the highest quality possible.
• Please note that where repertoire choice or other submission requirements are not met, the candidate may be disqualified.

• Have your camera record from a fixed position as if three adjudicators were seated in front of you.
• Face straight forward to the camera as you would appear to adjudicators in a live performance.
• You are encouraged to not put the camera too close to the instrument, as it can compromise sound quality.
• Ensure that the video consistently captures the performer and the instrument, including the full length of the bow. Ensure that a music stand does not block this view.

• All accompanied works are to be recorded with live piano accompaniment, and not with backing tracks.
• Accompanists are required to use legal publications that are compliant with copyright restrictions.
• The accompanist may be assisted by a page turner.

YouTube Video Format

  • Name your video in this format: NAME [Age Group], Composer: Repertoire.
    (E.g. Lee Tin Ven [6 and under], Traditional: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
  • Set the video visibility setting to “Unlisted.”
  • Copy the shareable link and insert it into the registration form.