Ensemble Category

Open for Strings Group (no piano accompaniment is allowed) with minimum of 3 and maximum of 8 players. Participants are not required to perform the same pieces offered in the Preliminary Round for the Finals.

The oldest participant of the group will determine the Entry Group.

Age Groups:

  • Age 9 and below
  • Age 12 and below
  • Age 17 and below
  • Age 18 and above

Entry Fee 2019:

RM90 per group and RM60 per ensemble member.
E.g. Entry for Trio Group RM90 (group fee) + RM180 (60 x 3 pax)=  RM270 Total

Performance Requirement for All Age Groups:

Preliminary Round:
Two contrasting pieces not exceeding 8 minutes inclusive of break in between items.

Final Round:
A balanced programme consisting of a minimum of two contrasting pieces of one’s own choice not exceeding 15 minutes inclusive of break between items.

ALL persons wishing to observe the competition (including parents teachers) are required to purchase a day pass.

  • Ensemble

    Ensemble – Grand Finals

    Grand Finals to be held at Kuash Theater, Kuala Lumpur.
    Gold Prize winners from each regional rounds will be selected as finalists. Please use the the coupon code provided in the confirmation letter to sign up.

  • Ensemble

    Ensemble – Johor Bahru

    Preliminary Round for Strings Ensemble Competition, to be held in Bahru.