Choosing a Repertoire

Q: My piece is only 1 minute, is that too short?
A: No, there is no minimum performance time required.

Q: Can I play two or more from a set piece, if it falls within the time limit?
A: No, only one movement is accepted.

Q: The piece I have chosen is too long if I perform it in entirety, can I choose to only play some part of the repertoire only?
A: Works chosen must be performed in entirety, omission of any part of the work is not permitted, with the exception of Orchestral tutti part. A single movement from a set work (Sonata, Suite, Concerto, etc) is acceptable. It is permissible to leave out repeats. However, repeats are allowed provided that the maximum time limit is respected. Any work that is not performed in entirety may result in disqualification.

Q: What if my performance exceeds the time limit?
A: The participant’s chosen repertoire must fall within the given the time limit. The jury members reserve the right to interrupt a performance if the performance exceeds the given time limit.

Q: Can I use accompaniment CD/backing track during the competition?
A: No, pieces written with accompaniment must be performed with a live accompanist.

Q: Can I just play solo (without piano accompaniment)?
A: No, accompanied works must be performed with a live accompanist. If an accompanied work is presented without the accompaniment part, it will be disqualified regardless of the quality of performance. 

Q: Can I play a medley, easy versions or arrangements?
A: Works chosen must be a published work of Western Art Music tradition, with the exception for the ensemble category. Any pieces included in the Trinity College London or Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) syllabus are accepted.

Q: Are pop songs, modern music allowed?
A: The Solo category performances require music that is of Western Art Music tradition – from the Baroque to 21st Century periods and does not include works of jazz, pop, rock, etc, with the exception of pieces included in the ABRSM or Trinity College London syllabus – which are accepted.

Q: Can I change the repertoire I have submitted on my application?
A: Yes you can. However, a change fee of RM50 will apply for each repertoire change requested after submission. Repertoire changes will not be accepted once application closes for the chosen region.

Q: Should Ensemble participants provide a copy of full score or complete set of parts to the judges?
A: Each ensemble must provide the judges one score or one complete set of parts for each work listed on the application.

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