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Q: What should we prepare before coming to the competition venue?                 
A: 2 photocopies for your score (it can be your solo part or the piano accompaniment part), registration slip, instrument and music stand, if you need it for your performance. 

Q: What is the call time for my division?                              
A: You are required to be inside the competition room, no later than 15 minutes before the start time of the division. 

Q: Can I request a performance time that is more convenient for me?
A: A quick answer is no, requests to alternate order of performance will not be entertained. Do take note, however, that participants must be ready and willing to perform earlier or later than their scheduled time due to any cancellations and unforeseen schedule changes.

Q: Do I have to memorize my piece? If I don’t memorize, will I get penalized?
A: No, Participants are encouraged to perform from memory, although this is not compulsory and no additional marks will be awarded.

Q: What kind of clothes should I wear for the competition?
A: There is no dress code requirement, but we suggest to consider your performance as a formal concert performance. E.g. For girls: Formal dress, (Note for cellists: if wearing a skirt or dress, floor length is recommended. Do consider if the skirt is full enough to allow room for proper and comfortable posture). For boys: Long sleeved shirt with trousers, and tie or bow-tie (optional). Shoes: closed toe, no slippers or sandals.

Q: I don’t have any of the above suggested, will my attire affect the marks?
A: No, but do consider that the competition is also a performance, and presentation is part of the criteria.

Q: Can I practice at the venue before the competition start, or just to “try” the acoustics?
A: In some places, the venue might be available for hire a day prior to the competition. If that is the case, an email will be sent out (to the applicant) with the details of the hire. Do take note that time slots for these practices are chargeable and are available only on a first come first served basis.

Q: Can any member or staff of ESC act as a page turner for my piano accompanist?
A: ESC staff and crew are on duty on event days thus are not available, participants are suggested to hire your own page turners.

Q: Are music stands provided?
A: Music stands are not provided, you are required to bring your own.

Q: Can I tune my instrument on the performance platform?     
A: Yes and short tuning will be great, but you will advise to tune during or before their call time .                                        

Q: After my performance, do I need to stay until the end of the division?
A: Yes, the Certificate of Participation will be handed out at the end of the division.

Q: Can I leave after I’ve collected my certificate? Do I need to stay until the competition has ended completely?
A: No you don’t have to but if you wish to watch the other competition classes, you are most welcomed to do so. 

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