Q: I am a parent/teacher, do I need to purchase a pass to watch my child/student perform?
A: Yes, all observers are required to purchase an entry pass.

Q: Do children need to purchase entry passes? Even if they do not occupy a seat?
A: Yes, all observers are required to purchase an entry pass. Children below the age of 4 are discouraged from attending.

Q: I am a teacher, and I have submitted a number of entries, will I get free entry passes?
A: Euroasia Association is a fully self-funded non profit organisation, and the sales of entry passes are a means of fundraising for us. Therefore, we are not able to offer any complimentary.

Q: My accompanist needs a page turner, does the page turner need an entry pass?
A: Yes, only the participant and the piano accompanist receives a complimentary day pass. The page turner will need to purchase an entry pass.

Q: Can I get in touch with my child at the backstage?
A: The backstage is strictly for ESC staff, team and crew members. If you need to contact your child, please ask for a staff to bring your child to you.

Q: Where can I access to your recorded video of my child?
A: We only upload the video of the final round winners to YouTube, you are suggested to record the performance of your child/student yourselves.

Q: Can I take back the copies of the music scores that were given to the Jury?
A: Yes, copies of the music will be left outside at the registration desk.

Q: Do you provide warm up room?
A: Generally, no – but it depends on the availability at the venue.

Q: Can I get the comment sheet of juries?
A: Comment sheets are provided for all jury members at both the Regional and Final Round, but it is at their discretion whether or not they would want to write comments for the performance. Participants should collect their comment sheets from the registration desk after their performance.

Q: May I know what marks do I get for my performance ? 
A: Due to our marking system policy, we do not release individual jury markings to the public.

Q: I broke my trophy/medal accidentally, can I get a new one ?   A: Yes, you can but it depends on the number of prizes we have ready at the venue, you may change it with us if there are any extras.   

Q: I’ve damaged my certificate, can I get a reprint?
A: Yes you can, but it will incur an administrative and reprint fee. 

Q: What is the brand of the piano are we using to accompany the participant?
A: It will differ for each venue, and depends on the ESC piano sponsors, or the venue host, on what piano we have at the region.  

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