Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Latest Amendment date: 31 March 2023
  • The Euroasia Strings Competition is open to participants of all nationalities.
  • All fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full upon submission. There will be no refunds for withdrawals after online application has been submitted.
  • The decision of the Jury is final and is not open to further discussion.
  • Contacting Jury members before or during the competition is not permitted.
  • The participant’s age group is determined by the year of birth, regardless of month. Entries to the incorrect age group will be forfeited.
  • Applications are not considered complete until all documents and accurate information required and fees have been received by Euroasia.
  • No change of repertoire is allowed once application has been successfully processed.
  • Participants are permitted to submit multiple entries in the same age group, performing on the same instrument, but are not allowed to perform the same piece.
  • Each Gold Prize winner shall only be allowed ONE performance for the final round in the respective category. Gold Prize awarded for performances on different instruments are excluded from this rule.
  • Selected Finalists will have to re-register for the Final round. Entry is not automatic.
  • Any amendments after submission (E.g. name/repertoire spelling error) will incur an Administrative fee.
  • Participants are responsible to ensure their availability for the published competition date(s). Any requests for specific performance dates and/or times will not be entertained.

Repertoire and Performance Specific

  • All repertoire listed under the ABRSM and the Trinity College London graded and diploma syllabuses are accepted.
  • The repertoire chosen for solo entries must be a published work from the Baroque to 21st Century periods. Works of jazz, pop, rock are not permitted unless it is a repertoire included in the ABRSM or Trinity College London exam syllabuses. Ensemble entries are not limited by this rule.
  • Both unaccompanied and accompanied works are accepted in the solo categories but works written with accompaniment must be performed with a live accompanist. An accompanied work performed without the accompaniment part will be disqualified, regardless of the quality of performance.
  • Piano accompaniment is not allowed in the Ensemble Category.
  • Performances exceeding the allotted time limit will be disqualified regardless of the quality of performance. There is no minimum performance time required.
  • Only ONE piece is accepted for the Solo Open Category. A single movement from a set work, e.g. Sonata, Concerto, or Suite, is considered as one piece.
  • The piece must be performed in entirety, with no parts omitted (with the exception of long introductions for the accompaniment part, and/or orchestral tutti). Any work that is not performed in entirety will result in disqualification regardless of the quality of performance.
  • Finalists of the Open & Ensemble Categories are not required to perform the same piece for the Finals.
  • Participants of the Young Artiste and Young Artiste Junior must perform pieces from the compulsory list, or shall be disqualified regardless of performance quality.
  • Participants applying for the Young Artiste/Young Artiste Junior categories are not allowed to present the same repertoire for the Open Category.
  • Repeats are at the discretion of the participant, but all da capo and dal segno instructions should be observed.
  • Performance from memory is encouraged, but remains optional. No additional marks will be awarded.

Terms & Conditions

  • The Jury may choose to;
    (a) Listen to only a part of the program presented if they feel they have heard enough to make a judgment.
    (b) Withhold awards, as in line with international competitions, if the minimum points required are not met.
    (c) Award joint-prizes or choose winner in the event of a tie.
    (d) Refrain from providing a written commentary.
  • Minimum points for each Round and Category as below;
    Preliminary Rounds: All Categories
    Gold Prize – 80 points and above
    Silver Prize – 70 points and above
    Bronze Prize – 60 points and above
    Grand Finals: All Categories
    Patron’s Award – First prize winner scoring 95 points and above. (Young Artiste Category only)
    First Prize – Top scoring participant/ensemble of the category with a minimum of 90 points.
    Second Prize – Second highest scoring participant/ensemble of the category with a minimum of 85 points.
    Third Prize – Third highest scoring participant/ensemble of the category with a minimum of 85 points.
    Honourable Mention – At the discretion of the Jury Panel.
  • The Young Artiste who wins the Patron’s Award of any one year is not eligible to participate in the same category in future years.
  • In the event that a member of the Jury presents his/her student* at the ESC, the said Jury member is to recuse himself/herself from the Jury. The marks will be awarded only by the remaining Jury, and divided accordingly to obtain the average mark.
    *A current student is defined as having studied within the previous 12 months. Attending or performing at masterclasses does not apply for this rule.
  • In the event that a participant is unable to attend the competition due to illness/injury, they may apply, for a 50% re-entry voucher (with a one year validity) to be used for subsequent Euroasia organised competitions (Malaysian Piano Competition, Euroasia Strings Competition, Euroasia Youth Music Festival). A valid Medical Certificate needs to be presented together with the application.
  • Registration for the Final Round will incur an administration fee.
  • Euroasia reserves the right to combine or divide any age group category depending on the numbers of Participant in each category.
  • Euroasia reserves the right to limit the total number of finalists chosen for each of the Categories and to combine or divide any age group category depending on the numbers of Finalists in each category.
  • Euroasia reserves the right to limit the total number of prizes awarded for each of the categories and/or change the value and type of awards given at any time without prior-notice.
  • All participants and their accompanying members are responsible for their own expenses and no reimbursements of any kind will be given.
  • The ESC live rounds are open to the public. Participants’ are able to observe all competition classes.
  • ALL persons wishing to observe the live competition round (including parents, teachers, page turners) are required to purchase a pass.
  • Only pre-registered collaborative pianists will be given a complimentary day pass.
  • Euroasia shall have no liability in the event of illness and/or injury to persons, damage and/or theft of objects that may occur during the journey or while the competition is in progress.
  • Euroasia has unrestricted rights to film, broadcast, photograph and record any part of the competitor’s participation including but not limited to rehearsals and competition performances. The Euroasia Association of Performing Arts reserves all rights. The participant agrees that he/she waives any claim whatsoever to any financial reward arising from the distribution or use of any such recordings.
  • The rules of the application must be strictly adhered to and each supplementary document requested supplied.
  • By submitting the Application Form, which forms a part of the Rules & Regulations and Terms & Conditions of the ESC, the participant is deemed to agree and comply with this document.

All information on this document was correct when posted. However, Euroasia reserves the right to make changes if circumstances dictate.

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