Calvin Wong Ho Kei 黃浩基

Calvin WONG, before attaining his bachelor degree of Arts in Music in HKBU, has already started his teaching profession since 2000. Wong has later joined Yips” Children Choral and Performing Arts Center officially after graduation as a violin and viola instructor. Wong”s students have been capturing most of the prizes in both local and international music competitions. To name but a few, more than 300 of Wong”s students had won the top-three prizes in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival over the last 5 years. Wong”s teaching method is incorporating the essence of several violin maestros namely Professor Zhang Shi-xiang, Professor Wong Fu Tong, Professor Sergey Fatkulin, Professor Gleb Donstov. In 2014, Wong was under the tutelage of Dr. Yip Wai Hong for conducting techniques and since then has been conducting the Hong Kong Children”s Symphony Orchestra (Haydn and Handel) for the last few years.

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